Southern Cardamom

11°32'46.2"N 103°31'30.5"E

Protect the Cardamom Rainforest in Cambodia

This impressive REDD+ project protects an old-growth rainforest with many endangered species, creates eco-tourism jobs, and educates and empowers the community. It protects the largest contiguous mangrove forest ecosystem in the Gulf of Thailand.

This project received VCS and CCBA certification in 2018 and prevents the emission of 3.5 million tons of CO2 per year. 

This project provides 200+ jobs, education, and healthcare benefits for 16,000+ people in the local community

Endangered Species

Irrawaddy Dolphins

Live in the bay and waterways of the project. These dolphins are highly intelligent and form "partnerships" with local fisherman.

Project Partner

Wildlife Alliance

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U.N. Sustainable Development Goals Supported: