What is Blue Carbon?

capturing carbon to reverse climate change

The core of our organizational mission is reversing climate change - through the planting and restoration of blue carbon coastal ecosystems to regenerate ocean health.

the earth's superhero

What does the ocean have to do with solving climate change?

What is Blue Carbon and Why Does SeaTrees Want to Protect It?

Blue carbon refers to carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems, and blue carbon coastal ecosystems draw carbon out of the atmosphere and sequester it faster than terrestrial ecosystems. 

Carbon Capturing Powerhouses

Though terrestrial forests typically get most of the attention, they aren’t the only ecosystems that possess a natural ability to fight climate change - in fact there is another ecosystem type that is 5-10x more efficient at sequestering carbon than any forest on land: Blue Carbon Ecosystems.

Blue Carbon Ecosystems include mangrove forests, kelp forests, seagrass meadows, coral reefs, and coastal watersheds.