Why Climate Neutral+?

We need to ACT NOW to not just offset our emissions, but to start sequestering carbon dioxide that is already in the atmosphere. We’ve developed a dynamic way for any brand to do just that - with the SeaTrees Token.

The 3 Step process to becoming Ocean Positive

Step 1+

CALCULATE your carbon footprint. We can help you do this or you can provide your own lifecyle assessment from a credible 3rd party

Step 2+

WIPE OUT your carbon footprint by purchasing SeaTrees Tokens (or an equivalent carbon sequestration+ product)

Step 3+

ACT NOW to improve the way you operate, reducing your carbon footprint + having a positive impact on people + planet

The SeaTrees Token - A Blended Blue Carbon Offset

Sequesters CO2+

Sequesters one metric ton of CO2 through VERRA/CCBA certified carbon credits from either the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project in Cambodia or the Paramos Y Bosques REDD+ Project in Colombia.

Plants mangroves+

Plants three mangrove trees in Mida Creek, Kenya -  sequestering an additional 1.2 metric tons of CO2.

Planting SeaTrees does a whole lot more than sequester carbon. It creates jobs that enable local communities to afford better education, life-saving medicine, + more diverse sources of food. These ecosystems are also crucial nurseries for all sorts of marine + terrestrial animals.

++ We measure the impact of all of our projects using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Why do we need to ACT NOW?

We believe that the ocean has the power to reverse climate change - if we ACT NOW + give it the helping hand it needs by regenerating + protecting coastal blue-carbon ecosystems. 

The science is clear - we have until 2030 to reverse climate change + blue-carbon ecosystems are one of the best solutions we have. Take mangrove forests - which are 5x more effective at storing carbon than a tropical rainforest.

We could spend all day talking about the science and why we need to take action today. Instead, we’re going to tell you to balance Action with Accuracy: know the science, know your carbon footprint and ACT NOW before we’ve run out of time to make a positive difference.

Once you’re ‘verified’...

Become Ocean Positive Today

Who developed this verification program?

SeaTrees is a program of environmental non-profit Sustainable Surf that has a long history of assessing and verifying the sustainability performance of brands, products and event:

+ We launched the ECOBOARD Project verification program in 2012 to recognize sustainability innovation within the surfboard industry.  60k+ Verified ECOBOARDS are made each year by nearly 300 brands around the world

+ Since 2011 we’ve designated nearly 40 surf/ocean events as “Deep Blue Events”. These events have made a public commitment to reduce waste, address their carbon footprint, use renewable energy and support local communities.

 We’re also a member of the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative - designed to encourage everyone in society to take action to create a climate neutral world by mid-century, as enshrined in the Paris Agreement. Ocean Positive - Verified Climate Neutral+ makes it simple for any brand to take that action AND do a whole lot more (aka +).