#OceanPositive Partnerships

For brands that want to solve climate change

Ocean Health matters to your customers

SeaTrees provides purpose-driven brands with an ocean-positive solution for customers that care about climate-change.


Let's do cool S#17 together.

We've developed a suite of options for brands looking to take their next #OceanPositive action and engage the growing community of ocean-lovers.

Start planting and protecting SeaTrees today.


#OceanPositive Case Studies

Buy One Restore One

When SeaVees launched their first sustainability-focused shoe - SeaChange - they partnered with SeaTrees to restore a square foot of kelp in Southern California for every pair sold.

Buy One Plant One

Pangaia's range is as sustainable as it is fashionable. In addition to developing and using some of the most conscious materials available - every product product plants a mangrove SeaTree in Indonesia.

Buy One Plant Some

Spooked Kooks is making big efforts to build more sustainable softboards. Their boards still have an impact - so they’re donating to SeaTrees to plant a mangrove SeaTree for every board they make… AND making it easy for their customers to do the same.

Balance your brand's impact

By purchasing a 4ocean bracelet, you remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean.

4ocean wipes out the impact of their global operations by planting SeaTrees in Indonesia and Cambodia.

Wipe-out your event's impact

The Volcom Pipe Pro is a premier Deep Blue Event located at the famed Banzai Pipeline.

Since 2018, Volcom has wiped out the event's  carbon footprint by supporting high-quality SeaTrees projects.

Plant SeaTrees at checkout

Awayco is a membership platform that lets you search & reserve a global network of gear so you can travel lighter and try before you buy.

Reserve surf gear and plant a SeaTree at checkout.


Wipe out your organization’s climate impact

Invest in the planting and protection of SeaTrees.

We calculate your climate impact you support best-in-class coastal reforestation and conservation projects to wipe-out that impact.

Customers Plant SeaTrees at checkout

Give your customers the opportunity to plant a SeaTree at checkout  - donating $1 to SeaTrees.

We provide trackable, transparent information for each donation received.

Share your story with your customers

We collaborate to tell your #OceanPositive story in a compelling and transparent way.

Engaging each customer on a deeper level - inspiring them to wipe-out their climate impacts - just like you have.