Gift an Ocean Positive Year

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100% of profits fund our mission to protect and restore coastal ecosystems - turning the tide on climate change.

Looking for a gift that gives back? Wipe out the carbon footprint of a loved one.

Choose this product and share the Ocean-Positive gift with a special interactive e-card that will be sent directly to your inbox. Be sure to customize your card by clicking "WRITE GREETING" above.

For the USA, the estimated carbon footprint is based on direct energy use (electricity, natural gas), transportation (auto, air, public) and the embodied emissions from goods and services purchased throughout the year. 

More info on the USA footprint calculations can be found here.

For other countries, the estimated carbon footprint is based on the annual per-capita footprint of each country (compiled by the International Energy Agency). 

Instead of using an overly complex carbon calculator, we use the average footprint of your country/region as the best representation of someone's climate impact. This method is a more realistic estimate because it also includes indirect energy consumption of infrastructure and services.

If you feel that footprint of the person you are buying this gift for is significantly higher than average, then please use a reputable carbon calculator, such as this one from the United Nations, and then buy SeaTrees Tokens to wipe out the specific number of tons that you require.

Note: If your recipient doesn't receive a gift email, please have them check their "promotions" section.

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