#OceanPositive Partnerships

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SeaTrees provides purpose-driven brands with an ocean-positive solution for customers that care about climate-change.


Let's do cool S#17 together.

We've developed a suite of options for brands looking to take their next #OceanPositive action and engage the growing community of ocean-lovers.

Start planting and protecting SeaTrees today.


#OceanPositive Case Studies

12 Tides

12 Tides #Tats4Kelp campaign included a charity sweepstakes to win a kelp flash tattoo from one of five artists, the proceeds of which restored kelp in California. Those with kelp tattoos already were encouraged to share a photo using the hashtag and 12 Tides restored 40 square feet for each post.


As a leading action sports and lifestyle company, it’s only natural that Boardriders want to protect where they play. Boardriders helped launch several SeaTrees projects, bringing athletes along to help tell the story. Check out their stories from our projects in Hawaii and Bali.

Bank of the West

 Sustainable Surf is a beneficiary of Bank of the West’s 1% for the Planet checking account. To help raise awareness about the partnership and disappearance of California’s kelp forests, Bank of the West hired artist Andres Amado to create a sand mural that was washed away by the tide.


OSEA is the first Ocean Positive beauty brand. They’re actually double certified as Climate Neutral and Ocean Positive. Check out this Forbes article about it.


Sustainable Surf uses Salesforce as our CRM and to manage our SeaTrees inventory. We were also featured in the first episode of Ecoprenuers.

Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind donated a portion of every ticket sale from the Summer Gods tour to restore kelp in California. Check out lead singer Stephan Jenkins talking about it on CBS Mornings.


Wipe out your organization’s climate impact

Invest in the planting and protection of SeaTrees.

We calculate your climate impact you support best-in-class coastal reforestation and conservation projects to wipe-out that impact.

Customers Plant SeaTrees at checkout

Give your customers the opportunity to plant a SeaTree at checkout  - donating $1 to SeaTrees.

We provide trackable, transparent information for each donation received.

Share your story with your customers

We collaborate to tell your #OceanPositive story in a compelling and transparent way.

Engaging each customer on a deeper level - inspiring them to wipe-out their climate impacts - just like you have.