Surf Park Partners

By working with SeaTrees, surf parks can leave a positive legacy in the real world.

SeaTrees Surf Park Partners are not only creating waves, they are recreating the surf culture that was born in the ocean thousands of years ago.

As the surf park movement continues to spread worldwide, it is essential to keep the origin of the sport at the forefront. Connecting these parks back to the ocean is a core part of all the wave park projects unfolding over the next several decades.

born in the ocean

Taking Care of Their Playground

The ancient Polynesians who gave us surfing respected and understood that you had to protect where you play.

We see an opportunity for every man-made wave created in a surf park – to create a wave of positive change for our oceans.

Wave parks are currently being developed all over the world, bringing surf culture to areas where it has never been before.  SeaTrees has developed a model for surf parks to follow in order to deliver an authentic surf park experience. 

SeaTrees Activations in the Surf Park Industry

Our role in working with surf parks is to ensure the fundamental values of surf and beach culture are a core part of all wave projects unfolding over the next several decades.

Partnership Opportunities 

SeaTrees provides several options for minimizing the negative impact surf parks have on the environment. We have created an onramp for surf parks to re-establish their connection to the ocean in a few different ways.  By planting SeaTrees around the world, surf parks can give back to our ocean planet and wipe out their climate impact. 

Option 1

Plant a SeaTree for Every Visit: +$1

Option 2

Wipe Out the Climate Impact: +$1

Option 3

Become an Ocean Positive+ Surf Park

Sequesters CO2+

Sequesters 1 metric ton of CO2 through VCS/CCBA certified carbon credits from either the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project in Cambodia or the Paramos Y Bosques REDD+ Project in Colombia.

Plants mangroves+

Plants 4 mangrove trees in Mida Creek, Kenya -  sequestering an additional 1.2 metric tons of CO2.

Restores kelp+

Restores and protects 1 square-foot of Giant Kelp forest in Palos Verdes, California, USA

SeaTrees project mix is subject to change based on availability.