Brand Partner SeaTrees Token
Brand Partner SeaTrees Token
Brand Partner SeaTrees Token
Brand Partner SeaTrees Token
Brand Partner SeaTrees Token
Brand Partner SeaTrees Token

Brand Partner SeaTrees Token

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Whether it’s your personal footprint or the carbon emissions from your entire company, we believe that simply being carbon neutral isn’t enough to help us solve climate change. In order to reverse climate change, we need to sequester the carbon dioxide we’ve emitted for decades in parallel with reducing our current CO2 emissions.

Our solution: The SeaTrees Token, which restores multiple ecosystems to sequester more CO2 than you emit. The result: a positive impact on the ocean and the life it supports. For every ton of carbon dioxide you’re looking to wipeout or balance, we:

  1. Sequester 1 ton of CO2 with carbon credits from the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project, Cambodia
  2. Plant 4 mangrove trees in Indonesia which has the potential to sequester an additional 1.2 metric tons of CO2 
  3. Restore 1 sq-ft of kelp in Palos Verdes, California

So if your carbon footprint is 10 tons of CO2, 10 SeaTrees Tokens will make you “carbon neutral” with 10 certified carbon credits from one of the best REDD+ projects we’ve ever seen.  Then you become “ocean positive” by the additional support of restoring kelp and mangrove forests.

Add one SeaTrees Token to your cart for each ton of CO2 to be "wiped out".

REDD+ = Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation

VCS = Verified Carbon Standard Program

CCBA = The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance

Calculate your carbon footprint.

We help brands to calculate and balance their carbon footprints. Contact us today - we'll send through a carbon footprint data calculation collation template to get you started. If you're an individual, check out our 'Wipe-out' products here and/or use a reputable carbon calculator - like this one from the United Nations.

Leaving a Lighter Footprint

We all must take direct action to reduce our climate impact and live a low-carbon lifestyle.

Before you book that next flight, could you meet friends and colleagues digitally?

Before you drive to the beach, could you walk, carpool or ride a bike?

Before you order the burger - what about a vegetarian dish?

The Skies Are Soaked...

Emissions reductions alone are not enough to solve climate change. Removing CO2 from the atmosphere is critical to protecting ocean health.

We believe that planting trees and protecting ecosystems is the most effective and efficient natural way to sequester (store) CO2.

'Wiping-out’ your climate impact

What does it mean?

SeaTrees works directly with high-quality reforestation and forest protection projects around the world. Each of these projects sequester carbon, while also providing significant social and ecosystem benefits.

Put simply, you’re not just offsetting your carbon footprint, you’re having a positive impact on the ocean - #OceanPositive

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