Yusuke Hanai - SeaTrees Suck Tote (made-to-order by MAFIA)
Yusuke Hanai - SeaTrees Suck Tote (made-to-order by MAFIA)
Yusuke Hanai - SeaTrees Suck Tote (made-to-order by MAFIA)
Yusuke Hanai - SeaTrees Suck Tote (made-to-order by MAFIA)
Yusuke Hanai - SeaTrees Suck Tote (made-to-order by MAFIA)

Yusuke Hanai - SeaTrees Suck Tote (made-to-order by MAFIA)

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Every tote plants 10 mangroves in the West Papua Region of Indonesia.

To celebrate World Mangrove Day, we're releasing a limited-edition, mangrove-planting, carbon-sucking, made-to-order tote featuring graphics from renowned Japanese surf/skate artist Yusuke Hanai.

Fans of Yusuke and saving the ocean have two weeks to order their tote.

    Every tote is made-to-order in California, delivered 3 weeks from the end of the campaign, AND plants 10 mangroves in the West Papua Region of Indonesia with SeaTrees’ local planting partner, Eden Projects.

    Made by MAFIA Bag using repurposed sails and salvaged climbing ropes - this traditional tote is ready to stow away on all of your adventures and big enough to carry all your precious cargo. We're bigs fans of the internal stash pocket - #PatchThePlanet

    Made individually with attention to unique material features and individual design. No two bags are the same. Please expect some variation in the bag you receive.

    Size: 15 in x 15 in x 6.5 in
    Weight: 12 oz
    Volume: 14L

    Mangrove forests “suck” a lot of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

    These forests are so productive that they can sequester 5-10x more carbon dioxide per year than a land-based tropical forest. Every one of the mangrove SeaTrees planted through the sale of these tees: 

    • Creates sustainable employment for 55 local families
    • Protects local villages from storm surges and sea-level rise
    • Provides critical nursery grounds for fish, shellfish, sharks and turtles
    • Sequesters 680 lbs/308kg of CO2 (over the 25 year lifespan of the tree)

    Yusuke Hanai

    the artist behind the work

    Yusuke Hanai was born in Japan in 1978. At the age of 17 Yusuke gained a new found passion in art after discovering the Grateful Dead album cover artwork of legendary artist Rick Griffin. In an effort to capture the spirit of Rick Griffin, Jack Kerouac and the '60's counter-culture movement of San Francisco, Yusuke left Japan for the United States in 2003 to study illustration at the Academy of Art College, San Francisco.

    Yusuke's artistic breakthrough occurred at the '06 Green Room Festival in Yokohama Japan when Laguna Beach based Wil Pennartz, owner/curator of The Surf Gallery was so impressed with Yusuke's sign painting that he invited him to participate in '07 The Happening in New York City. Expanding his illustration and fine art vision beyond his nostalgic roots, Yusuke continues to capture the hearts of many people worldwide. His artistic works have been exhibited in Australia, Brazil, California, London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo. Yusuke is currently living in Japan, where he continues his artistic endeavors as an illustrator/fine artist.

    Why celebrate mangroves with art… and t-shirts? Patch the Planet
    The idea of turning quality apparel into products with a purpose by “patching” them up with inspiring artwork was brought to Sustainable Surf by advisory board member, Steve Reiss and acclaimed surf-art curator Charles Adler into the Patch the Planet campaign, to curate a suite of art from some of the world’s best surf, skate and ocean artists.

    Planting SeaTrees

    in the West Papua region of Indonesia