Help California's Kelp Patch
Help California's Kelp Patch
Help California's Kelp Patch

Help California's Kelp Patch

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100% of profits fund our mission to protect and restore coastal ecosystems - turning the tide on climate change.

Shipping limited to the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Every patch sold will fund the restoration and protection of Giant Kelp, just off of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles County - in partnership with The Bay Foundation.

Patch-the-planet (or your fav vintage piece) with this
 limited-edition, kelp-restoring patch - featuring the inspired brushstrokes of waterman/artist Britt Tobia - Help California’s Kelp’

  • 3X3 inches 
  • Did we mention that they're iron-on?

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Every hat restores 10 sq ft of Giant Kelp

California's Kelp forests have been disappearing - rapidly. Every Help California's Kelp hat sold fund the restoration of 10 sq ft of giant kelp of the coast of Palos Verdes with our project partner - The Bay Foundation.

Take a Deeper Dive

Re-Patched - Creating the Help California's Kelp Hats

Diverted from landfill

Hats destined for the landfill were donated by a major Californian surf brand. Old patches removed and new patches made.

Art from Britt Tobia

Working with surf-art curator Charles Adler, we partnered with San Clemente, CA artist Britt Tobia to create the hat's art.

Patched - Slightly Choppy

Help California's Kelp patch and internal branding stitched by the crew from Slightly Choppy in Newport Beach, CA

A Visit to the SeaTrees Kelp Forest: Palos Verdes, California