MANGROVES: Baja, Mexico - 9.12.22

Project Update

Hurricane Kay hit the west coast pretty hard this month, and we wanted to give you an update from our friends over at WILDCOAST, who helps us with our mangrove planting project in Laguna San Ignacio, Baja, Mexico.

 Fortunately, everyone is fine! Although most roads were destroyed, and the El Delgadito community was hit especially hard, no one was hurt. The state government has helped get supplies to more isolated areas and communities, and WILDCOAST is on standby to help.

And for our little baby mangroves…turns out they will be okay because of the areas we decided to plant them in, and the rainwater will actually help them grow!

We’re happy that everyone is okay and look forward to heading down there for our next visit.

What's Next?

SeaTrees visited this project site back In March 2022 to capture footage of the restoration work being done by the Mujeres de El Dátil.

Accompanied by Roxy and Boardriders athlete Maluhia Kinimaka, we captured footage to tell you a story about the extraordinary story of this project and the women who operate it.

Stay tuned for the video we have put together from our travels to Baja - coming out soon!