CORAL: Bali, Indonesia - 10.6.22

Project Update

Our coral restoration project with Ocean Gardener in Bali, indonesia might be one of our most innovative projects yet. With the help of Scripps institution of Oceanography we've developed a new technique to create 3D models of the coral reef - allowing us to evaluate the success of reef restoration from anywhere in the world.

GoPro cameras are used to collect 3D photogrammetry data from the SeaTrees coral restoration site, which is then used to create a model using 10 billion points of data. After creating a visual representation of the reef, we are able to track and monitor the growth of all the baby corals you have purchased, ensuring they stay healthy and thrive for many years to come - eventually building a resilient new ecosystem. Check out a few of the update photos we received, as well as this recent video of the 3D model of our restoration site.