SeaTrees Stories

Every year, the United Nations releases its most important and depressing report.  The 2019 Emissions Gap Report tells us how badly we're failing at solving climate change.   

Click through to read about the most important thing you can do to start closing the emissions gap.

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Do you use Awayco?  You may have noticed that when booking a surfboard you’re given the option to “Plant A SeaTree” at checkout.

Awayco was the first brand to offer this feature. In a very short period, thousands of their members around the world have chosen to plant a SeaTree when Awayco’ing boards.

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Proximity to water – especially the sea – is associated with many positive measures of physical and mental well-being.
When you are sailing, surfing or swimming, you’re really in tune with natural forces there – you have to understand the motion of the wind, the movement of the water.
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